About Acacia Health Insurance

Acacia Health Insurance (Acacia) is a Private Commercial Health Insurance Company registered under the laws of Ghana which operates for the benefit of its members.

As the Preferred Health Insurance Company in Ghana, our Scheme has accredited Service Providers across the country to provide comprehensive healthcare for all its members. There are various product options specially designed to cater for all categories of businesses and levels of employees.

Contact Acacia, and we will send you a proposal document for you to choose a plan for your employees to ensure quality healthcare, which is designed to relieve you of all administrative issues related to staff healthcare and help you concentrate on your core business.

Acacia Health Insurance Company offers a comprehensive medical care package to members, which include among others hospital consultations, surgeries, dental care, prescribed drugs and optical care. Acacia Health Insurance, the preferred Private Health Insurance Company in Ghana provides services in over 500 hospitals, clinics and laboratories across the 10 regions of Ghana.

Core Values

At Acacia Health Insurance, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve health and financial security. This is delivered by a team of highly qualified individuals with the right professional skills set. Our values, which guide our day-to-day activities, help us fulfill our mission, reach our set goals and achieve growth.


AHI is committed to excellence. We continuously strive to improve our processes, products, and services to better serve our customers, employing professionalism in our conduct.

Team Work

AHI believes that by working together with respect, trust, and mutual support, we achieve common goals.


AHI maintains the highest principles of integrity, accountability, client privacy and confidentiality.

Customer Focus

AHI is responsive to our customers and direct every effort to satisfy their needs. Continuous quality improvement (CQI), along with market study and adaptation is an ongoing practice that is measured and rewarded to promote optimal performance.

Equal Opportunity Employer

AHI respects the individual as well as diversity in culture, background, and experience. We are an equal opportunity employer maintaining the highest principles of fairness and equitable treatment of all employees.